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Does Your DPF Need Cleaning?

What is a DPF?

Diesel Particulate Filters are emission control devices used to clean the exhaust emitted by vehicles' diesel engines

How Do They Work?

Within the DPF the exhaust gasses pass through the open end of a chanel, the other end is closed with a plug. This forces the gases to pass through a porous wall. The rest of the gas escapes and the filter traps as much as 90% of the solid particle matter.

Why is DPF Maintenance is Necessary?

Many people assume that all you need to do is to keep your DPF clean is to press the vehicle's "regeneration button". While it's try that this is necessary and does help. It still leaves material in the filter. This material will create black pressure wich can lead to, increased regeneration down time, loss of horsepower, reduced fuel economy, filter damage and ultimately engine damage.

Note: For a DPF to be cleaned properly it needs to be removed from the vehicle and put through a special cleaning process.

Did you know...It's the Law

The EPA and the California Air Resources Board have very specific regulations in place for diesel emissions. The EPA mandates that any vehicle manufactured after 2007 must have a DPF in order to reduce emissions. The California Air Resources board also mandates that all vehicles made before 2007 to have a DPF filter installed. Remember it is important to look at the regulations set in your State.

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